Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lots of docs

I guess not everyone that we saw today was a doctor, but they were all pretty smart, so I can't tell. Mommy is going to tell you the important details when she can, but for now I'll just tell you my side and show you some of what we did.

Here's today's fashion show pictures....from very early this morning before we left.

Guess where we parked today?

First we saw a nice lady who told Mommy she was a social worker. She checks in with everyone, and she was friendly, but we have already got lots of help, so she didn't stay very long. Then we saw Miss Tara, the dietician, and she and Mommy talked a long time about how to get me to gain some weight and get rid of this tube. They have some new ideas, so Mommy will probably tell you about them....I was busy with a new toy they had there on the table for me.

If you'd rather see me in action, see the post below from Mommy.

(If that's not enough, here's a little more.)

Then we saw Dr. G. She was very nice. She talked to Mommy for a long time then she checked me out. Mommy said she was really good.

After Dr. G was done, she sent us to the place where they poke me and it hurts. Miss Towanda was very quick about it though, so I didn't cry very long at all. It was alot better than they usually are.

Then we went over to see the doctors who look at eyes. They looked at me a little, then they put some stuff in my eyes and we went back to wait some more. I took a little nap and then they brought us back to see the doctor again. They shined alot of little lights, so that was fun. I like to look at lights, but things didn't look quite right when I woke up. Those drops must be fuzzy drops. Mommy took this picture of me when I was seeing fuzzy stuff. The middle part of my eye is really big!!!

Tonight we came to Grandma C and Grandpa J's house to see them before we go home in the morning. Auntie April, Uncle Levi, Uncle Ethon, and Miss Karen Sue were all here too. It's nice to play with everyone again. I think they were impressed with my new moves.


  1. You have got that fashion show down! You are going to have to show Gracie how to make her way down the cat walk:-) Karen K

  2. Hey, Big Eyes! That's some picture! Hope you enjoyed your visit in St. Louis!

    Papa Beagle


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