Saturday, May 12, 2007

Two big days

I've been so busy I didn't even get to put up stories for you last night. Sorry!

Here's some of what we did for Pop's birthday.

Mommy and I went to get him a tripod for the camera because he said a while back that he wanted one.

Then we went to 4 more stores to get stuff to make Pop some cool things. We made him a neat picture thing for his desk at work, and I wrote a poem for him on it. We also got him a very special bunch of had the cards that he likes alot in the bunch too. We took those to his work to surprise him.

Then we made some T-shirts for Pop and some of his friends that play cards. Mommy says that usually she does a great big party for Pop's birthday called MunchCon, and lots of people come every year. But this year there's no big party, so we tried to make a little party. Mr. Brent helped us get something neat ready for the shirts.

(I don't really understand, but it's about the cards... and it's kind of a joke on Pop, too, I think.)

Mr. Tim and Miss Mindy had a party Friday night for some graduation/going away and they threw Pop's birthday in there too. So we went over there for a while. Some of our friends came over too, like Ali P.

After the party, Pop and Mr. Brent left to go play Friday night cards. Mommy and I went over a little later and picked up a bunch of pizzas and took them and the shirts to the game shop to surprise Pop again with his little party for everyone there. We worked hard all day, so I hope he liked it.


We mostly worked around the house today. We took Mommy's car to some guys who are gonna do some fixing on it for her. Then we had to go get another car for her to drive since the guys have to keep it for a few days.

Mr. Tim, Miss Mindy, and Mia came over to help us open the pool. It is a big job, Mommy says.

Miss Mindy and Mia took a little nap in the afternoon, and me and Mommy did too. Mia's grandma and grandpa came over to say hello to me too.

Mia helped me play with my Mr. Zebra toy.

Then we all went to dinner at our favorite place, El Toro. We took some pictures of me and Mia to take to Miss Martha at Toro, but she wasn't there tonight.

After dinner, Mommy, Pop, and I went back out to work on the pool some more. Mommy was washing off some stuff while I was sitting in my chair. I started getting wet, and it was cold water! It just kept spraying on me, but I didn't know how to tell Mommy to look over to see it. The place where she was getting the water from on the house was shooting water the wrong direction, but she didn't see it. So I finally started yelling at her, and she turned the water off real quick. She said she was sorry over and over, but I was just glad to be wrapped up in a blanket and warmed. Me and Mommy went in the house then, and that was all the pool work for us. Pop and Mr. Tim worked on it til bedtime, but there's still more to do tomorrow. This pool thing sure better be fun for all the time it's taking from my playtime.


  1. Seems like only yesteday we were helping "close" the pool! But winter is over and pool time is here! Be careful out there! Between deep water, wild swimmers, and squirting hoses, it's a dangerous place!

    papa beagle

  2. Papa Beagle--Mommy says I'll have to learn to swim, but probably not right away.


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