Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mommy report: Dancing in Table Paper

Here's how Braska kept herself busy between appointments today... details to come.


  1. If we could get into her head she is thinking, "Mom can I get one of these paper tables at home? This is Awesome!!" She is so fun, I love the videos. Karen K

  2. Hihi that is so cute, I can't believe how active she is. She is really wild! Glad the visit was good in St. L too.

  3. She's loving that paper - so cute!

  4. Miss Karen K--I did ask Mommy if we could get one on those, she said, "We'll see," but the bears told me that probably means no.

    Miss Christina--I'm practicing for when I can dance with Vince!

    Miss Melissa--Aww, thanks for sayin' I'm cute!


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