Monday, May 7, 2007

Monday again

This morning Mommy and I got up early and went shopping for some food and other stuff. Sometimes I'm not very comfortable in my seat at the store. Mommy says it's because the cart is not right somehow. So today we decided to try something new. Since I always like to look up anyway, Mommy made a little soft, cushy bed in the cart so I could lay down and look at everything while she shopped.

It was great! I was happy the whole time. Lots of nice people talked to me, too.

After we brought our stuff home from the store, we went out to lunch with The Girls... Miss Janet and Miss Angie. Miss Angie is getting married in two months, so they talked about the wedding and stuff.

Mommy and The Girls like to eat Chinese food, so we went to that place again today. I kind of complained a little, because I was getting hungry, and I couldn't eat the yummy food they had.

Tonight we're just hanging out and resting. I didn't let Mommy sleep very much last night, so we're going to be early tonight, she said.


  1. Mom, you are pretty creative over there :-)

  2. That is great! I bet you could sell that.

    Abby sometimes has a grain or two of rice when we get Chinese food.

  3. That's a nifty place to ride in the shopping cart! Thanks for the pictures. Did you count every light on the store's ceiling?

    papa beagle

  4. You look like you were having fun! I wish that we could have seen you today. Maddy is sick though so we will have to try another time. Hope you are having a fun afternoon! Karen K

  5. That 2nd picture looks like you're saying to yourself, 'What to buy, what to buy? What am I hungry for today anyway?' I love it, Little one!
    Grandpa J

  6. Christina and Cate--I've thought about trying to follow up the concept, but who has time?!?

  7. Papa Beagle--I don't know how to count yet, silly!

    Miss Karen K--Hope Maddy feels better soon.

    Grandpa J--I was thinking about something, but I can't remember what it was.


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