Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dangerous gym!

Mommy and I pretty much stayed home today, so I played alot while she worked. We also napped, which made Mommy very happy.

After Pop got home from work, he found me playing in my gym, and thought this was funny.

I was just kickin' around being happy, and all the sudden my leg was stuck. Pop helped me out, but he had to take a picture first.


  1. Braska dear, you just wait. Someday your pop will be stuck and you'll be the one to help him, and then he won't think it's so darn cute! Love you little one. Are you planning any trips to St. Louie anytime soon?

  2. This happens to d all the time! Braska is a doll - I've enjoyed looking through your blog, and find the heart surgery entries very helpful.

  3. Grandpa J--I'm coming down this next week for appointments so I'll get to see you then, I think.

    Miss Melissa--Thanks for coming over to see my blog! Tell d hello for me!

  4. What kind of mean parent would take their baby's picture when their leg was stuck?

    I think Braska and Abby might be working up an act.

  5. Keep kickin' Braska! You're lookin' good. Tell your loverly momma hello for us! Hope to see you both soon!

    Mercedes and her momma

  6. Miss Cate--I remember Mommy telling me about that picture of Abby... I just want to be like her when I grow up.

    Mercedes (and Miss Janet)--Mommy says we might try to meet you for lunch next week sometime. Hope we can play some too.

  7. You are quite the gymnist Little Miss.

  8. 'Braska, don't worry that your leg was stuck. When I was little I had a special gift for falling off my chair. My family even called it "pulling a Mary" when someone else would fall off their chair. I still avoid barstools where the risk of pulling a Mary is greatest:) At least you didn't ride a bicycle into the pool with all your clothes on...

  9. Grandma C--Thanks! Mommy says someday I can learn about real gymnastics like she did when she was a little girl.

    Miss Mary--That's a funny story. My mommy is famous for tripping down stairs, but she sits in chairs ok. I hope Mr. Cory doesn't ride into any pools this summer since it can't be ours.


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