Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mommy life: Musing about Happy Feet

A couple of days ago, we watched Happy Feet, the movie we thought was all about dancing penguins. I'll spare you the details of our discussion about the actual story of the movie. (Way to hijack a cute little movie with a social statement...not what we were looking for in the flick...but I digress. The promos just showed the fun and dancing.)

At the beginning, Baby Mumble is hatched, a little later than the others...and he initially looks like the other baby penguins. But it doesn't take too long to realize he is a little different. His feet move kinda funny. His parents are embarassed and try to keep him from showing this to others. A little later, all the baby penguins go to learn how to find their heartsongs. All the penguins have a heartsong and can sing beautifully. They just have to look deep inside their hearts and let it out. Mumble doesn't find a song, he finds a dance. His feet start to move, and he is very happy about it. He is ridiculed for being different, and his parents are even ashamed that he is "not a real penguin."

The questions that were asked of the parents struck me, as well. Were there any problems with the incubation? Problems with the hatching? The parents were afraid that they had done something wrong during incubation. They were concerned about how Mumble would function in the penguin community. Could he contribute? Should he go to school or just learn how to work and help the family? They love him, but they're torn. They didn't expect this. The elder penguins think they should just send him away.

Anything seem familiar?? Maybe it's just me....


  1. I haven't seen the story, but you describe the conflict one might feel is such circumstances. For all talk of valuing the individual, it seems as a general rule we truly value conformity. Nebraska will teach us to throw away such notions, I think.

  2. I have been wanting to get this movie for Maddy. Thought it was a cute little dancing penguin show. I guess I will have to check it out. Do you think it is a good one for a little kid to watch? Is the moral to the story good? Karen K

  3. Aunt Rach agrees. I bought the dvd a while back. Maybe Braska has "happy hands"? as she seems to enjoy them so much. :o) Regardless - she IS a priceless treasure that I wholeheartedly believe will grow up and show us her "heartsong". LUV U BRASKA!

    -- Auntie Rach

  4. Grandma C--I agree she will teach, but my concern is will I learn.

    Karen K--I guess I already answered via email so I won't be redundant...

    Rach--That is one of the coolest comments ever...thanks. You're growing up so fast. *sniff* Just yesterday you were still 25.


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