Friday, May 4, 2007

New doctor, good visit

What a day! And it's only half way over!

Mommy got me up while it was still dark this morning and we left to go to meet Dr. J in St. Louis. He's my new heart doctor. He sees alot of kids with the extra #21 like I have, so we were excited to meet him. His office is at the place where I stayed a few weeks ago when I got sick, so we got to see all the cool things that they have there. Guess what level we parked on?!?

When Mommy came to get me out of the car, she was a little frustrated with me, I think. Sometimes I just get tired of this tube in my nose! So I took it out and was holding it for her. I guess we were just right on time for our appointment, so she took me in a bathroom real quick, cleaned me up, and put it back in. It was time for me to get food, so I guess it's good that she could do it right there. She told me that I am NOT to do that anymore, and she keeps trying to tell me that if I'll drink from the bottle, I can get rid of the tube. I'm just not convinced yet.

The nurse put me on the silly scale. She was nice though and didn't make me take my diaper off. Mommy said that she didn't know if that was good since it might change things, but I thought it was nice of her. I just wanted to celebrate with a little SO BIG action.

(It says 11 lbs 2.2 oz and 61 cm)

Dr. J came to see me, and he listened to me real good. He said I don't have to take my medicines anymore! Yippee!! They do not taste good at all. And Mommy says they cost alot of money too.

He said that he wanted an EKG. I didn't remember what that was until they started putting the stickies on me. Then I remembered. I've had lots of those. This time they didn't even make me get out of my seat though. It was fast!

Mommy and I played a little while we waited for Dr. J to come and tell us how the EKG looked.

He said everything looked like he would expect, and he thinks I'm in very good shape. So we don't have to see him again for six months. Wow! That's really long! Mommy was very happy with that.

So we left and came home. We got back to our house at 1 pm, while Pop was still home for lunch. Mommy told me I was really good in the car, and I was in it for six out of seven hours. And I only slept some of the way! Bet you can't guess what I was playing with the rest of the time.... Yup! My hands! So now we're tired and hopefully we can get a nap!


  1. Lookin' good kid! Glad to hear your visit went so well! Talk to you soon- Karen K

  2. Growing up so fast little Braska! Mommy and daddy must be so proud.

  3. Glad you get to go awhile without seeing this doctor again and am glad you get to get off the medicine. You will probably grow like a weed now.

  4. So glad to hear of your good report! We know lots and lots of folks continue to pray for you!

    Love ya,
    papa beagle

  5. Miss Karen K--Hope we run into you tomorrow at church.

    Miss Christina--Mommy tells me that she's proud of me alot, so I guess that's a good thing.

    Grandma C--I think it will be nice to just stay home for a while and not have to drive to see more doctors.

    Papa Beagle--Tell all those prayin' people thanks very much.


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