Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mommy life: "Retarded by association"

I was doing the "follow the link" game I do sometimes where I just pick a blog on the blogroll of a site I visit often, then pick one from there, and it continues. I end up at some neat places, and sometimes see things that I think were put there for me to find.

Most of you know that I don't do forwards, I don't generally send articles or such, and I'm rarely one to read any type of news item. The same goes for blogs, and I usually don't pass things on, even if I like them...just a thing of mine, I guess.

Today I found an article posted by Jessica over at Raising Joey that I felt was important to share. Maybe it's because it illustrates things I've thought about or things I've been afraid of. Maybe it's because it just hits home. Either way, I highly recommend that you take the time to read it. Thanks for posting it, Jess.

Retarded by association: When you make fun of my sister, it hurts me


  1. Counting change in the life skills class- classic. I mean- I'm outraged!

  2. I'm convinced that the world would be better off if we all treated the slights in life like the younger sister did. It is so hard to not take offense, and yet it is the ultimate in truly being okay with yourself. And it takes the power away from the offender.

  3. It is a scary pic of the future... but we will handle it!

  4. Munch--Outraged. Ditto.

    Grandma C--"It takes the power away from the offender." I need to remember that everyday. Good stuff.

    Christina--We WILL handle it, but it's sometimes frustrating that we even need to handle it.

  5. I read the article from the Kansas City Star and appreciated both the frustration of the author and the skill with which she writes. People will often say hurtful things -that's why the Bible says so much about the control of our speech.

    When others use words as a cruel weapon, we must always be listening to God's voice saying "I love you and you are special" rather than the words of those who try to raise themselves by putting others down.

    It's exactly what the Pharisee in the Temple did to the publican by his words... even in a "prayer!"

    May God forgive us for all the name-calling we've all been guilty of at some time or another.

    Thanks for the link! Sorry I got so 'theological.'

    Papa Beagle

  6. "Retarded" is a technical term that simply means "Slow or limited in development or progress." It's a perfectly good word that some people have stolen to use as a mockery. It's not the word that is bad; it's the hurt intended. Hurt can be intended using ANY word. Love and concern can also be intended using the "retarded" word. Use it as an indicator of time, not as a label. Grandma C had good advice. Don't be intimidated by a word. Pray for the intimidator.
    Braska, you are loved.

  7. Papa Beagle--It's ok to be theological sometimes. :o)

    Anonymous--Those are pretty wise thoughts, and well said for sure. I have "a thing" for words in general; I just like words. I think it makes me especially sensitive to particular words that strike me negatively. Sometimes I think that's good, but sometimes I wish I could just let them fly by.

  8. RK,

    The r word isn't used in schools here, which is good. It is developmentally delayed, which doesn't seem much better.

    Muncher's "what's with the name" thoughts help my perspective when I worry about life for my Braska girl. She's our angel.

    Thank you for all you are Braska girl! I love you. Love, Aunt Valerie

    You will always have at least 9,000 in your corner when the world seems a bit gray.


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