Friday, May 25, 2007

Who is that?

There is a neat shiny thing that hangs over my chair. It has pictures in it that move and change. Mommy calls it the mirror ball. I have always thought it was neat, but the last couple days I've noticed that I can see a baby in there! So I have been looking for her alot. She smiles sometimes, too.
It's time for bed now, so I'll see ya later.


  1. You are getting smarter all the time! I like that picture! Just don't get a stiff neck from looking too long!

    Papa Beagle

  2. VInce did the same thing, he slept that way too. Head tilted back in a really non-natural state :-)

    And i am one of your daily visitors of course :-)

  3. Papa Beagle--Mommy moved me to a different place after a while because she said I was gonna be hurting if she didn't.

    Miss Christina--I wanna be like Vince!!! Thanks for coming to say hello to me every day! Hugs to my buddy for me.

  4. It is fun, when the view you have is the cutest girl in the whole world isn't it.


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