Thursday, May 10, 2007

Special bath and special visitors!

Mommy told me this morning that there were some very special people coming to see me today, so we had to make sure I was super good and smelled yummy too. So that means a good long bath, to start with. It was so fun this time.

First I have to tell you about a trick I played on Mommy. She filled up my tub with nice warm water and put me in. I decided it was a good time to make a #2 mess. Where better than the bath where I'm already there to get clean? So Mommy hurried and emptied the water, cleaned me up a bit, and started over. She filled the tub again with water, after she got it just the right warmness again. I thought I would be tricky, but just as the water was starting to get to the full part, I did a little #1 mess in the water. Mommy caught me doing it, and hurried and emptied the water, cleaned me up again, and we started over...again. She told me she was gonna get me if I pulled that again. (She doesn't know I've done it before without her catching me. shhhhhh) She filled the tub with water, after waiting for the warmness to be right again, and we finally got down to the bath business. Sorry, Mommy. I thought it was funny! She wasn't mad at me could she be mad at this?

Did you know that if you hit the water with your hand or foot it makes a fun noise and makes water go everywhere?!? How come no one told me before?? Mommy and I played for a while, then we got down to the real stuff. I thought I could help with the clean-up, since I helped with the mess and all.

After we were done, Mommy wrapped me in a big, cozy blanket that she calls a towel. I thought it was so comfy that I just kept pulling it over my face. I could take a nap in there!

Then finally, after all that, I was ready for my visitors.

Soon after, Great-grandma and Great-grandpa M came to our house. I never got to meet them before today, so it was really nice of them to come. They live in a place called Iowa, and they were going to visit Grandpa John and Grandma C in St. Louis, so they came the long way around to stop by and play with me. Is that nice of them or what?!

I spent time with Grandma playing for a while, and she even got down on the floor with me! Not alot of big people will do that, but grandmas and grandpas are the best ones at it.

I hung out with Grandpa for a while on the couch. He's comfy to cuddle with, and he has some stuff on his face that tickles. And Grandma is nice to sit with too. I was showing her my hands that I think are so cool.

When Pop came home from work, we all went to dinner at a very loud place. But I just went to sleep while they ate dinner.

Then Grandma and Grandpa said goodbye and went on their trip some more. Thanks for coming to see me!!! I have the best bunch of family ever!


  1. It was a good visit!

  2. Pop--I think so too. I hope we can see them again soon!

  3. Hey Braska! I'm so glad you got to meet your Great-grandma and Great-grandpa M! Looks like you had a good time .. from the bath tub to the evening meal in a noisy place!

    papa beagle

  4. I have an idea Nebraska. Why don't you come down with them and spend the weekend? I am sure they would like that.

  5. Papa Beagle--I DID have a good time!

    Grandma C--Grandpa and Grandma M also said that. But Mommy said it might be a problem since I need to eat, ya know. Soon I'll be able to come visit without Mommy and Pop...when I get bigger.

  6. Looks like fun :-)
    happy Birthday Muncher too!


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