Saturday, May 5, 2007

Housework and carrots

It's nice to be home on a Saturday. Today was pretty much just hang out time, some with Pop, some with Mommy, and some with my toys. Mommy spent most of the day working around the house.

Mommy told me that carrots are good, so we tried them this afternoon. And guess what... I like them! So far, all the spoon foods that Mommy's given me have been pretty yummy. She says it's good to like different things.

I went without my tube all day because this morning when Mommy came to get me I had it in my hand for her. She told me again that I'm not supposed to do that, but it was itching me. I kind of made a mess, though, because I pulled it out while my food was still coming. So it just went all over me and my bed. Mommy didn't like that so much, but she cleaned it up for me. I did pretty good eating today, so Mommy let me have a break from the tube. Tonight she put it back in and put socks on my hands and extra tape on the tube... guess I better leave it alone.


  1. Sounds like you had quite a Saturday, Nebraska! Those hands you keep looking at and playing with are getting stronger and more talented! Glad you liked the carrots. We like to hear your reports and see your pictures. Have a great Lord's Day...maybe there will be pictures of you in a new church outfit. I hear you are NOT running out of clothes!

    Love, papa beagle

  2. Creative little girl there, working her fine motor skills to get the tube out. Mommys hould be proud :-)

  3. Papa Beagle--I do have alot of clothes, that's for sure. Everyone just keeps buying me cute things. Mommy loves it!

    Miss Christina--I don't know if she's proud of that, but I'll tell her you said she should be!


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