Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More playtime

Miss Robin came this morning to see me. She brought some neat toys with her too. This is kind of fun having people come play with me. They call it "therapy" but it seems like playtime to me. I did hear her tell Mommy that I was doing alot better than the last time she came and that she thought I was going to be a quick learner, which I think is good.

She brought a really neat shiny thing that I liked alot. She kept moving it but I was not letting it out of my sight.

Sometimes I did get tired and took a little rest, like this.

But when I got my strength up, I was lookin' around and everything. There's alot of stuff to see in my house!

Grammy and Mommy spent the day moving stuff around in the house, and I just watched. I don't think they needed my help, but I did try to tell them how I thought they should do it. Tonight I sat with Grammy while she worked on her computer. She was making me feel happy.


  1. That Grammy Jan is an expert at making people happy! I love that picture and your big smile! Enjoy Grammy while you can; we get her back soon!!!

    Papa Beagle

  2. I love this picture Nebraska. The one with Grammy Jan's hand all the way around your Tummy. That means you need to eat Little Miss. But it was great to see you chuckling with her. Awesome. Of course I am not sure anyone can make you giggle like Mommy can, but will ask Mommmy to video you giggling. I love the sound. It makes the world so much sunnier.

  3. Papa Beagle--I'll be sure to send her back to you as soon as I'm done with her. She helps alot, you know!

    Grandma C--I'll tell Mommy that we need to do a little movie of us playing so you can see my laughs anytime you want.

  4. Lookin' good cutie! You will be rolling around in no time! I am so glad that you are having fun with your new friends. They will teach you all kinds of fun things! Karen K

  5. I found out about Braska via a prayer request at our church. I really enjoy reading the blog and seeing the photos. Braska you are adorable!!


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