Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Weekend

We didn't do much this weekend...Pop called it hot, lazy, and TV-filled. (He was bored alot, I think.) Mommy said this is the first Memorial Day that we haven't had a big pool party to kick off the summer, but everyone we know is moving or out of town, it seems. So we just stayed home and did nothing much.

I did get to wear a few new things this weekend, so Mommy took some fashion show pics.

I wore this pretty dress to church Sunday...My friend Olivia let me borrow it since it's too small for her.

This is a neat outfit that shows that I'm Pop's girl.

Then today I got to wear my first real summer outfit that Mommy's been saving for me. I put it on for a quick trip to the store and then a stop at a place where Mommy and Pop had some dinner tonight.


  1. cute stuff! She is adorable, Vince is still asking if she is free for a date in about 17 years, he says she is a hot pepper :-)

  2. Aren't fashion show days fun! That is one of d and my favorite things to do :)

  3. cutie patootie! Karen K

  4. Miss Christina--Tell Vince it's a date!

    Miss Melissa--It IS fun to put on cute stuff!!

    Miss Karen K--Gosh, Thanks!!


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