Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Holdin' steady

I went to see Miss Laurie and Miss Amiee at Dr. Y's office today. Miss Laurie put me on the silly scale again, and it only showed the same numbers as last time. Mommy had been telling me that she thought I'd gotten bigger, but I guess not. Oh well, at least I didn't get smaller, right?

After the fun with the scale, Mommy and I went shopping for some clothes for Mommy. She doesn't have any dress-up clothes that fit anymore, so we went to find something to wear to Granny's funeral tomorrow. We were at the store a really long time, and Mommy kept putting on and taking off clothes over and over again. I just hung out in my seat and played with my hands. They're always right there when I need them.

Check in tomorrow to see how pretty we look in our new stuff... Mommy says we want to look nice in honor of Granny. We'll be taking a car trip tomorrow to see family again, like last week, only the other part of the family. I get to meet more new people, and I'm sure I'll like them.


  1. "I just played with my hands. They are always right there when I need them."


  2. Look at the hair! Where did that come from??? Must be all that spring weather, ask Braska what trick she has to not gain weight, I'd love to know!

  3. Braska, keep your chin up, scales, are known not to be trustworthy.


  4. Pop--I'm telling you...you have them too! Check 'em out!

    Miss Jennifer--Thank you. A girl never can hear those nice things enough.

    Miss Christina--It just keeps growing. Must be from all the bath water or something, I guess.

    Miss Meshi--I've heard that is sometimes true...but I guess my doctors don't know about that.

  5. Hi baby girl! I love you -- any way you want to be! Love the hair, love the smiles.

    There is a squirrel in my yard right now with a big bushy tail, and a towhee bird trying to scratch at my window...wish you were here to see! Love, Auntie V

  6. I agree w/ your pop wee one, "I just played with my hands. They are always right there when I need them." is priceless! And yes, I know I too have them! Love you
    gandpa j


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