Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mommy report: OT session 2

Miss Robin came this morning for Braska's weekly OT session. We've been working on head/neck strength, rolling over, and trying to get her to be as fascinated by her left hand as she is her right. Braska was in a very good mood, even though she'd been up for close to three hours by the time we got started at 8:30 a.m.

She did extremely well tracking the toys with a consistent gaze, which is great. She wasn't nearly as interested in rolling as she was last week, but that's kind of typical for her. If she doesn't want to do something, it's just not going to happen. Robin made the statement that she is "an all or nothing kind of girl," which is probably no surprise at all to those of you who know her father to be just exactly that kind of guy. I was just saying that I've yet to identify any of her traits that seem to come from me... she's all daddy's girl at this point, for sure.

When she did get the whim, she rolled over to her side, both of them, quickly, but she generally just rolled right back onto her back in short order. She was way more interested in that astounding right hand of hers than she was in any toy that we attempted to distract her with.

She did some good tummy-time head-up action, but that's alot of work. She doesn't care for having her arms put under her for support. She prefers to push them out to the side and try to use her back muscles to hold her head up and fly like Superman. We're excited that she wants to show off her super powers at a young age, but we'll be working on the more traditional manifestations of neck strength for now.


  1. Hey Braska! Great to watch your video! Soon you'll be using both hands with skill! You might even be ambidextrous! (No, that's not bad, it's good!)

    Keep on growing and posting the pics and the info!

    Papa Beagle

  2. I love the videos! karen K

  3. I love the cooing sounds on the video.

  4. Dear Braska,

    I will start paying better attention to my right hand if you start paying better attention to your left!



  5. Papa Beagle--I don't know about ambi-whatever that was, but I'll keep trying.

    Miss Karen K and Grandma C--Cool, Mommy says we aim to please. :o)

    Miss G--I'll take that deal and check in with you soon!

  6. RK--I am just in KS for some graduations and will be back in St. Louis this weekend and will be there a couple of weeks before I head back here for good.


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