Friday, May 25, 2007

Mommy report: 9000+

This morning, we hit the 9000 visit mark!! And that's in just over 3 months! So I wanted to just say thanks to all of you who check in on us, whether it's sporadically, daily, or several times a day. It's fun for me to do this, and it will be a great way to show Braska what things were like for her and her parents at the beginning.

So keep coming back, we'll keep trying to be creative and interesting. And for heaven sake...leave a comment! :o) (If you missed it, the instructions are above. We've tried to cover all the bases!)

A special note to all of you who have contributed to Braska's Benefit Fund... you have made the world of difference in our lives. The simple thank you's fall far short of expressing how grateful we are for all the support-- monetary, emotional, and sometimes tangible. In the midst of all this, we could have been in big financial trouble, and you have helped to save us, whether your gift was large or seemingly small. We consider absolutely every penny to be sacrificial on your part, and again, we thank you, thank you, thank you. We have a long way to go, physically and financially, but we will make it, and we could not have done it without every one of you!


  1. Ok I just watched Nebraska's first 6 months video & tears were rolling down my cheeks. What an awesome guys have been through so much. I've been praying for you all every step of the way, but truly had no idea what it looked like on your side. You guys rock! And it just really touched my heart to see your journey in photos.
    May God continue to bless you & shine his light on each of you.

  2. Jodi--So glad you got to check it has been quite a ride. If we hadn't had the prayers of literally thousands of people from almost every state and several countries, we wouldn't be so sane at this point! The peace I have is only because God has calmed me in the midst of the storms. Thanks for the note!!

  3. RK-
    Every time I think about calling to get together with you guys someone in our family gets sick... but I wanted to let you know that we keep checking in on you via your site and I hope that soon we can get together. The boys always ask about the cute baby I keep looking at and I tell them that they will meet her someday! We have about 2 1/2 weeks till baby K D-day... maybe we can get together bofore that :)

  4. Hi Ann... We'd love to get together, so just say when and we'll do it! Only 2 1/2 weeks!!


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