Monday, May 21, 2007

A good half-birthday

Today was pretty nice. Me and Mommy just worked around the house and played. That's my kind of day! We worked on the pool this morning, getting it all clear and pretty. Mommy says it's more fun to swim in when it's all clear. Now we just have to wait for it to heat up some. I heard Mommy say that we'll put a blanket on the pool to help it get warm. That's what I use blankets for, too! I wonder if I have one like the one it has, a solar blanket. I'll ask Mommy...

Here's what it looks like from where I sit outside while Mommy works.

I spent some time with my music gym and Mommy got pretty excited when she saw I was playing with Mr. Zebra with both hands. I guess she likes when I play with my toys, so we'll get along just fine.

And this afternoon, it was pretty warm, so Mommy told me I could wear only a shirt with my diaper. Isn't that fun! I can kick and squirm so much better without pants! So I got to wear my neato Montana shirt that Grandma C and Miss Karen Sue brought back from there. Whatta ya think, Grandma C? I think it's comfy.

Mommy got a little excited this afternoon because she gave me some juice in a bottle and I drank a little. Juice is pretty good. Mommy says she's been giving it to me in my tube, but I don't really know when she does that since it goes straight to my tummy. She says it helps me make messy diapers, which seems like a bad thing, but she says it's good. Mommy's weird sometimes. Since I drank it so fast, she gave me some milk too, and I drank a little, but that's not the way I like to drink milk, so I told her I didn't want any more of that. I thought she would have given up by now!


  1. Happy half year birthday! She has grown so much, and fast!!!

  2. Love that shirt wee one. I hope to make it up your way at least once this summer to try out your pool. I love you--

  3. Happy half year birthday! You are such a cutie! Love, cousin Lindsay.

  4. You look great in your Montana shirt, and out of your shirt, and whereever you are. You look great. Your pool looks fun. I will be anxious to see if you go swimming any time soon.

  5. Miss Christina--I'm just trying to catch up with Vince!

    Miss Karen--I really hope you can come swim with me!!! Love you too!

    Cousin Lindsay--Thanks. Mommy says she doesn't know where I get my cute from, but maybe it's your side of the family.

    Grandma C--I think the pool looks like a great big bath tub, so maybe it'll be fun to play in like that.

  6. Wearing no pants is the best! I like your shirt, it is very summery. Maddy told me that your pool is fun and that she will teach us how to swim. She is my big sister and I think she knows pretty close to everything. She has taught me how to do all kinds of stuff. She said that we don't have to do much just float or something, I do not know about this floating thing but I do like to splash so I figure betweeen the three of us we'll get it figured out. Talk to you soon- Gracie K


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