Sunday, May 6, 2007

A new friend!

Today something exciting happened! At church, a nice lady named Lisa came and talked to Mommy about her little girl named Rose. Rose has an extra chromosome like me! I didn't know they came to our church (but it's a pretty big place) so it was really neat to meet them. Rose is 6 and she waved hello to me. I even waved back a little. It's so nice to have a new friend!

This morning I woke up pretty early, and Mommy let me play in the Pack N Play for a while after I had breakfast. She fixed it so I have more room to move around now, and I had a pretty good time.

Then I had a bath and got dressed for church. Mommy put a hat on me to see if it still fit, then she went to get dressed. I am not sure the hat fits right. I kept trying to make it work.

Mommy fixed the hat for me and put me in my chair. I tried to play with my hands, but I don't know where they were hiding.

After church, our friends came to say hi again. It's so nice that everyone checks on me all the time. This is Miss Krista, Miss Trisha, and I think that's Miss Trisha's mommy, too.

My friend Ali P. came over to see us too. Pop played with her for a little bit.

Then we posed for a family plus Ali P picture.

I was trying to hold her hand, but she didn't see me, I guess.
Then Miss Sara took a picture of just Mommy and Pop with me. We don't have very many of this kind, so it was nice.
I had a hold on both of them because it was nice family time.
Here's one with just Mommy and me... (I know my grandparents like to see these kind, too.)

This afternoon, we had family nap time. It was the longest naps any of us have had in a while, so Mommy and Pop were very happy about it.

And's some wiggles that Mommy caught me doing when I woke up from our good long nap.


  1. How cool with another person in your church with extra chromosome experience. I always get so excited when I meet other parents like that. Great family pics too!

  2. Good pictures little miss. Like your hat. You remind me of the queen with your styling.

  3. Your wiggles--good stuff.

  4. Miss Christina--It IS cool! Mommy says we will get to meet more friends that live in our town soon, so I'm excited.

    Grandma C--You can borrow my hat if you want to.

    Miss Karen--Thanks! You should try it when you wake up!

  5. Hey little miss, I want to know if you got the tube before mommy got the video turned off?! You make my day! :) Auntie V

  6. What great pictures from church! I'm so glad your pop and your mommy take you to learn about Jesus. And so many 'side' benefits, like your new friend! Keep playing with that hat, wiggling, and growing! I put some of your new pics on the carepage site, too.

    papa beagle

  7. Good stuff Braska. Pretty soon you'll be rolling over and then crawling and then getting your fingerprints all over your pop's TV. It's great fun and he'll always voice his 'approval'.
    By the way little one, your great grandpa George and great grandma Eunice are coming to see you this Thursday, so get rested up and show them just how much fun playing with your hands can be! And more thing. Great grandpa George is growing a beard, so will you give it a tug, just for me? Thanks. Love you darling.
    grandpa J

  8. Auntie V--I didn't pull it out this time, she stopped me before I got a good tug goin'.

    Papa Beagle--I do like going to church alot. Mommy says soon I'll get to play in the nursery and then I'll meet even more friends.

    Grandpa John--I'm excited to meet Great-grandma and grandpa M! I'll be sure to give that beard a little pull when he's not looking.


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