Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Tuesday again

At my house, Tuesday means some regular things happen. Today we had some regular things and some other stuff, too.

Regular thing: Miss Robin comes to play with me. Today we played with a toy that had a funny face and made noise when I moved it around. I liked holding it, but Miss Robin kept wanting me to put it in my other hand. I don't know why it matters to her which hand, but she seemed to think it was important.

She also told Mommy that she wanted me to practice playing with things in front of me so I have to reach for them. She left me this neat toy that lights up and makes music, my favorite things, so Mommy and I have been playing with it. I always reach with one hand, and Mommy reminds me to use the other one. I guess she thinks it's important too.

Other stuff: Mommy and I went to the store again. She said it was time to get healthy food for her and Pop. She didn't seem very happy about it though. I slept most of the time, because I was tired from working hard with Miss Robin. But I woke up when there was alot of beeping right before we left.

Other stuff: I found out that these hands that I have been having fun with so much actually taste yummy too! Who knew?!

Regular thing: Pop goes to play his card game with some friends on Tuesday nights. So while he was gone, Mommy and I met up with Miss Sue and had a nice visit. Then we went to Mr. Brian and Miss Ruthie's house, where Pop and his friends always go, and we visited with them a bit too. We did say hi to Pop, but he was busy. I played with Miss Ruthie, David, and Megan for a bit though. David was especially nice to me. Hi David!

Other stuff: Miss Meshi sent me a present today, two bibs that will keep me from making messes, Mommy says. And she likes that alot. Thanks Miss Meshi!!!


  1. Grocery shopping is not fun. I don't blame you for sleeping through it. And I love all your discoveries. I truly think you are the cleverest little girl.

  2. Liking the taste of one's own fingers (or thumb) is something you "come by honestly." Your mommy can tell you what that means!

    Thanks for the report and the pics!

    Papa Beagle


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