Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Meeting more family

Mommy and I drove down to Great-Granny F's funeral today. I don't have alot of experience with these things, even though I've been to two in 8 days, but Mommy said it was a very nice service that Granny would have really loved. Her sons, my Papa Beagle and his brother, said very nice things and talked about how happy and strong she was. She's even stronger now that she doesn't have any more pesky health problems.

We got alot of good pictures today, so I'll tell you about them one at a time.

These are Mommy's cousins Tracy and Jason. They're from Texas, which sounds like it's far away. They sing really good, and Granny always loved to hear them, so they sang a really pretty song for her.

This is the family section in the chapel. Mommy, Grammy Jan, and I sat in a different spot so I could go out of the big room if I wanted to talk some.

After the service, the family went to the graveside service, but Mommy and I didn't go since it was time for me to eat again. We went back to Miss Julie's house and saw Macie and Morgan since they live close to the funeral place. Then we went down to the church where they had brought a nice dinner for all our family.

This is my favorite picture today. It's Cousin Josie talking to me while I was sitting with Grammy Jan. Cousin Josie is Cousin Jason's little girl...she's from Texas too. I just met her for the first time today. She played with me alot. It was fun.

These are Mommy's sisters...Auntie Julia, Auntie Joy, and Auntie Rachel. Auntie Joy and Auntie Julia took alot of the pictures today.

This is me with Cousin Lindsay and her husband Chad and Cousin Josie. Yesterday was Cousin Lindsay's 21st birthday, and we forgot to tell her Happy Birthday! Sorry, Cousin Lindsay! Hope you had a good birthday!

This is Mommy with her mommy Grammy Jan. They don't look too smiley here because they were listening to a story, but it was a fun time with family. Everyone was laughing alot, which is what Granny would always want for us.

This is me snoozing with Auntie Joy. She was so comfy.

This is Auntie Rachel, Uncle Jody, and his girlfriend Skye. They were busy enjoying the really super yummy food that they had for us there. Everyone just went on and on about it and said those church ladies can cook!

These are Granny's three kids. She would love all the smiles!

These are the kids with their spice. (That's what Mommy calls more than one spouse... like mouse and mice....spouse and spice. Mommy's silly sometimes.) It's Grammy Jan and Papa Beagle, Mommy's Aunt Hyla and Uncle Ron, and Aunt Kaylene and Uncle Larry.

These are all the grandkids and two of the great-grandkids (me and Josie!) The two tall ones in the back are Mommy's brothers Uncle Ryan and Uncle Jody. (I think it's funny that Mommy's the oldest in her family but she's the shortest. tee hee.)


  1. Sorry about your Granny passing away. I'm sure she is happy living with Jesus, and watching over you from heaven as you keep growing. Braska you are very Blessed to have lots of family who love you. Keep eating and growing little one!


  2. Hey! Thanks for the happy birthday! I was really glad to see you Braska and to hold you. I miss coming over to visit your mommy. We used to hang out a lot and would talk about a lot of things. We were pretty close.. but then I had to move.. but I miss you guys! love you. cousin lindsay

  3. Miss Meshi--I think Granny's happy now too. And I am very blessed!

    Cousin Lindsay--Thanks for saying hi. Wish you could have stayed around our town so we could hang out while Mommy's busy. But I hope you like your new town.

  4. Wow! It was so great to see you and your mommy at Granny's funeral. Granny was so proud of you and loved getting to hold you just after Christmas when you were down. I kept printing out your newer pics and she was delighted everytime I brought her more. I can still hear her say, "Bless her heart..." I guess God REALLY HAS!! That was Granny's prayer and her way of wishing you all the best.

    And thanks for posting those neat pictures. You look GREAT no matter who is holding you!

    Love ya,
    papa beagle


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