Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's all about the hands

This morning I got up early, and when Mommy came to get me from my room, I handed her my tube. She didn't seem so surprised this time, but I guess that's because I have been having it ready to give to her almost every day lately. She took me back to her bed and after I got some food, I went back to sleep for a while. Mommy said that made me her favorite girl today. It's a good thing that Mommy and Pop have such a big bed, because it would be crowded with four of us in a small one. (Belle sleeps with Mommy and Pop all the time.)

At church this morning, Mr. JP told some good stories, but I was much more interested in my hands. I hope he didn't notice that I wasn't paying close attention all the time. I did try to say hi to him once, but Pop told me I had to wait til afterward to talk to him. I guess it's not nice to talk while someone else is talking and a whole bunch of people are listening. Here's what it looks like from where we sit. (Mommy said she forgot her camera, so these are taken with her phone. I wonder... why does a phone take pictures?!?)

Mr. Rick and Miss Jeannine were sitting behind us, and I showed them what I found at the end of my arm. I think they were impressed.

I played on Pop's lap for a while at the end, enjoying the hands once again. I also got a few good kicks in, too, since he was trying to tickle me.

After church, Miss Andrea played with me for a while. I didn't mean to be rude, but I was just having a ball with my hands. Have I told you how much I like these toys of mine?!

This afternoon, Mommy and Pop are working on the pool again. While we were waiting for something, I took a little nap with Mommy in the big chair while she did some working. It was kind of cozy, but she told me that I kept typing weird things when I would get fidgety in my sleep.

We went back outside to finish getting the pool ready. I just watch, but I don't think I can help very much. Belle hangs out on the patio with me.

We went back to Toro tonight with Miss Mindy, Mr. Tim, and Mia. Mia was trying to tell me how good chips were while her mommy was holding me, but Miss Mindy said I don't have teeth. Hmmmmm...I'll have to ask Mommy about that and see if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

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  1. Thanks for the report, Braska! I preach a lot and I know that lots of folks -- even adults!! -- would rather play with their own hands rather than listen to the sermon! Surely a six-month-old can get by with it!

    Papa Beagle


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